Thren Family Singers' history

    Steve and Joetta were married on June 1, 1968 in Michigan. Their first son, Stephen, was born in 1970 then David (1972), Jeff (1974), Paul (1975) and Mark (1977). They praise God, first of all, for His wonderful plan of salvation and giving them five wonderful sons, 29 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren with 1 due in November.

    Growing up, Joetta started singing with her 3 younger sisters when she was just 5-years-old. They carried on their musical talents by singing at churches and church gatherings. As she got older, Joetta played piano, guitar, and accordion, respectively, and has continued to sing ever since.

    After Bro. and Mrs. Thren were married, they had 5 boys. As their family grew, they realized the great responsibility of raising the boys to love and serve the same God that Mrs. Thren did in her youth.

   After Bro. Steve's Bible college days, Joetta played piano and picked up the accordion again and sang in their local church. By 1980 the children began singing with "Mama" Thren in churches in and around the state of Michigan. In the early '80s, Children's Bible Hour, located in Grand Rapids, MI, requested the Thren family to sing on a monthly basis on a program called, Company Corner.

   Then in 1984, the Lord impressed upon Bro. Thren's heart to talk with his family about the possibility of going full-time and challenged them to pray. By 1985, it was evident that the Lord was leading them into full-time ministry spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and they took that step of faith. As their schedule was mostly full for a year or two in advance, Steve and Joetta homeschooled their boys and had great opportunities for field trips to see many historical sites that most children only read about in their studies. Bro. Thren remarked that "those were great times for our boys to see America’s history and to know and love our country".

The Threns ministered in many churches, their sons met preachers who loved the Lord and heard Godly messages where God used it to help them grow closer to Him. "God’s Word is what works miracles in their hearts and they praise the Lord for how He works in their hearts and lives every day," Bro. Thren said. It's a testament to why their sons are all still in church today.

The Thren Family traveled across America for 14 years, preaching and singing the gospel of Jesus Christ. During these traveling years, God led them to the very wonderful young ladies who were to be Bro. and Mrs. Thren's daughters-in-law. "We can’t thank God enough for each one of them!", Mrs. Thren said.

All five sons are serving God through preaching, teaching, and singing in their local churches and throughout the United States of America!!! "We praise His Name for all of our sons loving the Lord", Mrs. Thren adds, "and wanting His desire for their lives!"